January 31, 2006

Splitting Hairs

New Labour Minister Stephen Byers lied to parliament over nationalising Railtrack. He has, almost, admitted such already. But it is alright and he didn't actually lie to parliament because what he actually did was tell an untruth. Perhaps I could shoot the bastard and get away with it by saying that I did not murder him as he is not dead but rather un-alive?

Religous hatred bill watered down

No need for the unelected toffs and cronies this time. The commons appears to be evolving a backbone! The tired tyrant, blair, has been defeated over the Religious Hatred Bill. A good thing too, but only one blow for freedom when so many are needed. It will take decades to undo the damage that New Labour have done, if it is ever fully reversed.

This bill has not been withdrawn and so will still make it into law, but it is marginally less awful now than it could have been. Now you have to use words that are "threatening" rather than "critical", but saying that Islam will consider anything that is remotely critical to be of upmost threat so not really much comfort.

The Religious Hatred Bill was a bill designed specifically to plicate the Religion of Peace, so it could avoid people telling the truth about it. They claimed it was a response to Christianity still being theoretically protected by the now never used blasphemy laws. the real reason was the New Labour was worried about losing Muslim votes because of it's war in Iraq and so needed something to buy them off with. The blasphemy laws are completely redundant unused laws that would be struck sown where anybody to every try and use them. The obvious answer to gain equality, to anybody but New Labour, would have been to remove them from the statutes. But removing laws is not the New Labour Way, especially if it gives them a chance to burn some more of our freedoms.

Italy to leave the Euro?

Via Tim Worstall, an economists view on why Italy might have to leave EMU and the results.

Last bastion of Socialism

I don't like Socialism. Much like every other collectivist ideology (such as fascism or religious fanaticism) it is immoral. It kills, mains, causes pain and suffering detracting massively from the total sum of happiness. What Socialism has actually done (and it's collectivist religous forbears) should be remembered rather than the nice things that it's proponents claimed it was trying (but always failing) to achieve. The Adam Smith Institute has a nice image for what Socialism actually did achieve.
Imagine a row of 100 people, nearly 40 deep, being bulldozed over a cliff. Almost 4,000 people killed. The communist regimes did that to their own people every day of every year throughout the 72 years of their sway.
And what did these tens of millions of deaths acheive, a few (million) broken eggs to make an omlette? No, a few (million) broken eggs to make nothing what so ever. Centralised planning does not work on the scale of a state or anything approaching that scale. The basic formulae of jealousy that sums up Socialism "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" leaves no incentive to work up to your ability, other than the salt mines, since it will just all get taken away from you leaving you with only what the State thinks is enough to satisfy your needs. Capitalism works, Socialism doesn't.

So it should come as no surprise that the last bastion of Socialism in the UK is in difficulties. It is cutting services, while it's bloated corpse creaks under the strain of the fetid gasses of putrification trying to escape. One day like the Socialist states behind the Iron Curtain the NHS will collapse. But like the collapse of the Socialist states there will be large mess to clean up.
If we try to calculate how many people in Britain depend on the NHS, with its 1.3 million employees and all their families, GPs and their staff included, plus suppliers and outsourced services, we may well be talking of up to seven million people. In relation to the whole population this comes to roughly 12% – close to the ratio between the population of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and that of Western Germany.

Well, to melt away the Cold War bureaucracy of the NHS and absorb the whole workforce under efficient management into the rest of Britain may be as big a task as German Unification turned out to be.
Fixing the mess that is the National Health Service is going to take time and money, but the longer it is put off the more difficult it will be. Better to bury it now and replace with a French style social (note the small s) insurance system than spend yet more money trying to heal an institution that is already dead.

Polly gets it right shock

You won't hear this often from a blogger, for once Polly is talking sense about the horrific Religous Hatred Bill
In this inquisition of a bill, religion will become a minefield, a no-go area in the world of ideas. Before you speak or write, ask yourself not only if you intend to abuse and insult, but if you are "reckless" about any insult that may unwittingly be caused to someone somewhere? Expect the degree of insult people feel to tighten a little more each year under case law. It is already happening under employment law with certain kinds of harassment: if someone says they feel harassed, then lawyers warn no other evidence is required.
Thought crime in other words. So it is hard for any thinking person to be for this particular bill, even Christian fanatics of the Evangelical Alliance are against it which says something.

Crime and liberty

An article by Libby Purves in the times is on the crime figures that New Labour and the police would rather not be talked about
statistically speaking we are now safer than before in our houses and cars — largely because of sophisticated new alarm technologies that we pay for ourselves — and less safe out on the street, which it is their job to police.
The New Labour solution has always been to trade liberty for security, and we have traded away a lot of liberty.
Government keeps chipping away at it. CCTV watches us everywhere (though without actually reducing the muggings). We now know that 24,000 children never charged with a crime have their DNA kept on permanent record in case the police ever want it, without any decision by Parliament that we should all be on a DNA database
Benjamin Franklin said
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
and thanks to New Labour's fascist instincts forever prompting it to destroy more and more of our libertes we have tried the experiment of exchanging liberty for security. The result is we have got what we deserve, neither.


A quick comparison guide to the legal drinking age in various countries where it is legal. The actual drinking age will almost certainly be a lot lower in many of them, it certainly is in the UK and US.

January 30, 2006


Sonofusion has been confirmed as a real phenomina. The experiment has been performed without using neutrons to create seed bubbles, and there where still neutrons recorded coming out of the device. So there must be some nucleur reaction going on to create them, which pretty well means that there must be fusion happening. However this system, like all other fusion reactors, produces far less energy than it consumes.

China's growth

Some jaw dropping statistics on China's growth. Everybody knows that China is growing fast and using a lot of resources. But how much is simply amazing. Here is a graph of relative user of concrete, with one country sticking out like a sore thumb. Is this really sustainable long term? Or the result of a bubble?

Council Tax

Council Tax is set to rise. Council Tax is set to rise at above the rate of inflation. Council Tax is set to rise above the rate of growth in the economy. Should we really be surprised by this? No, not really. It has been rising faster than the rate of growth in the economy every single year. What shall we be getting to account for these massive increases, overall we shall be getting less. Every year taxes rise at above the rate that the economy grows to pay for them, and still that is not enough to feed the hungry mouths in Town Hall so they will cut the amount that they decide to give to us the people that pays for it all. They cannot really say that it is because the money that tax payers give through central government is not enough since that has been going up fast as well:
A government spokesman said councils had enjoyed above-inflation grant increases for almost a decade, enough to deliver effective services at an affordable cost.
With that excuse dead they need another one. So what better to turn turn than Education. You cannot resent money spent on the poor little kiddies can you? Well I can. Particually, as despite these constant increases in funding the quality is actually going down.
New research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and conducted by Michael Shayer, professor of applied psychology at King's College, University of London, concludes that 11- and 12-year-old children in year 7 are "now on average between two and three years behind where they were 15 years ago", in terms of cognitive and conceptual development.
We where told that all was needed was more money to get results, since the only thing on offer as an option was spending more money. Well, we spent the money. Now where are the results? They didn't happen. So you need more money? Sorry, no deal.

Or could it be that the increases are due to money having to go elsewhere. Another excuse will be that this money will be going to pay for the increasing number of elderly. Not of course the elderly that worked their lives producing wealth, no these people commited the cardinal sin of planning for getting old and saved into pensions. There is no greater sin for the Big Government than the sin of foresight. People should not plan for their own futures. That is the job of government commitees, of five year plans and fact finding missions. To commit such a heinous sin as to try and be self reliant it is only right and proper for Big Government to take away all that they have saved though tax increases. And it they cannot pay and get thown into prison? So be it for having the gall to want to make their own way in life. No it is not these unworthy private pensioners that this money is going to. There is a far more worthy group than the insignificant elders that spent their lives creating wealth, the inflation proof pensions enjoyed by all government workers are a far more worthy cause:
"We calculate some 26 per cent of council tax receipts go towards public sector pensions. There's every possibility this figure will rise over the next five years as age-related costs continue to feed in."

January 29, 2006

Who's the daddy?

Looks like sharks have lost their crown as the biggest baddest predator under the sea. Giant Octopi can have them any day. And there is video proof.


Helen of EU Referendum has a good post on the consequences of the election of Islamofascist nutters Hamas to power in Palestine.

January 25, 2006

The Royal Bank of Scotland is shit*

Since DK decided to change his permalink breaking my last link back here is another one to his post now detailing why The Royal Bank of Scotland is shit, I don't know try to help a google bomb and they going and change all the links around.

Sexual Monsters Inc.

An interesting article investigating the reasons that people in government might want to censor porn. There is one weird little comment about libertarians wanting to censor the net. Who exactly? Censorship of anything is rarely a libertarian pursuit. Just the opposite in fact.

The reasons he suspects for the latest attacks on porn, namely the attempts to get Google to had over search logs, are not the warm and fluffy excuses normally given, it's all to protect the poor exploited performers etc., but the darker motives that might lie behind the rhetoric.
We all know that, for many people, fear is part of their sex drive. Whether it’s fear of discovery or the ability to instill fear in others, it’s real. And both these fantasies are threatened in an open sexual environment.
So could the self declared moral crusaders that seek to save us from ourselves harbouring something rather darker than a wish to help exploited porn stars? Well the various Christian churches always end up at the forefront of any attempt to crack down on porn. The Catholics being partially hard line on the alleged sins of love. And we all know the little secrets they where covering up.
This is the dark side of sexual repression, and it crosses religious boundaries. Muslim men hide the sexuality of Muslim women because they fear even the sight of a face will drive them mad. Christians are sometimes no better. Jews the same. It’s not everyone, but it’s a dominant theme in the “conservative” strain of all these religions, forcing sex into the shadows, yet somehow the babies come. Lots of ‘em.
Of course religions need to breed new little devotees. To many women taking control of their bodies and the pews will not be haft as full as they once where. Look at what happened to Anglicanism.

The Ant & The Grasshopper

A good joke by Attempting Escape, or rather a fable of thrift and foresightedness
The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The shivering grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.
Now read the British version

When heroin was legal

The conventional wisdom is that Heroin, one of the hardest of hard drugs, is an evil menace. That to stop people becoming addicts, and all the problems that that brings, it must be illegal so that people can be protected from themselves. For if it where legal and you could buy it over the counter at Boots then the whole country would inevitably fall under it's grip, and be reduced to a seething mass of skeletal addicts, like a scene out of Dawn of the Dead, tearing each other apart to try and desperately scape together enough body parts to sell to get their next fix.

Well that is the conventional wisdom. The reality is rather different, you see Heroin was legal in the UK up until 1955. The name, Heroin, does not originate in some strange slang, it is the brand name that it was marketed under. There where not the seething mass of addicts, in fact there where only 317 addicts to 'manufactured drugs' in the entire country. This despite the fact that since the country was still just recovering from the second world war the levels of real hardship and poverty, the usual reasons given for addiction, where far higher then than they are now.

So yet again prohibition didn't work and in reality made the problem worse. Legalise all drugs, and the sooner the better.

The Road to Serfdom

The Road to Serfdom in cartoon form


Alice Miles in The Times has an opinion on transport. Apparently
drivers in Britain have it miles easier than other travellers — car driving is cheaper, more convenient and usually faster
OK so far, but in the very next phrase:
and still motorists get incessantly pandered to by the Government.
Wrong! But thank you for playing. Driving is a large net revenue raiser for government. Trains are a revenue loser. It is the drivers proping up trains via subsidy that stops them being even more expensive and less convenient. She continues with this 'poor little highly subsidised London train user' drivel including
What has Mr Darling done for the rail user recently?
other than subsidising, obviously
Fares went up by 4.5 per cent at the new year; up by 9 per cent on some tickets.
So think how much they would have gone up by had it not been for the money piled into the system from central government, some of which is coming from the revenue raised from cars.
“Strip search” X-ray machines are being installed at mainline stations to humiliate passengers and disrupt journeys further.
Yep that's new Labour for you. Why settle for intrusive CCTV when you can have a far more expensive, intrusive, humiliating, and pointless way of stamping your authority on the peons. They would be putting these things up everywhere if they got their way.
And Sir Rod Eddington has been appointed to “assess the long-term transport needs of the economy” — without taking environmental considerations into account. (Shame on you, Gordon Brown, who set up the terms of the inquiry.) I wonder which form of transport the former head of British Airways is going to favour.
Probably aircraft, but even if they included enviromental considerations trains would still come in lower than the motor car, since modern motor cars are less poluting than trains.
Commuters by rail get it bad enough, with extra penalties for needing to take a train that gets them to work before 10.30am. But it is the non-business traveller who is treated with the utmost contempt.
perhaps because they are not the real customers since they are not where the money comes from, the money comes from government so why should they care about those people that insist on travelling in their trains and making them untidy? Private transport beats public, everytime, and in practically every way.

The Devil's Kitchen: The Royal Bank of Scotland are shit

Apparently the Royal Bank of Scotland are shit, according to Devil's Kitchen.

January 24, 2006

bye bye ID Cards

As ID cards once again get hammered by the Lords, breaking the link with passports so they actually will be voluntary (which will kill them stone dead), Longrider comments on the people that want to implement them
Only a power crazed control freak or a fool would think these things are a good idea. Which description pretty much sums up all of the home secretaries in living memory

another self test thing

find out if you are being persecuted, or are just a whinning twat unable to come to terms with modernity and the fact that you are nolonger able to persecute anyone you disagree with.

January 23, 2006

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005

Having been nominated as a Bloody Devil myself I love gratuitous insults, so enjoyed a list of plenty in a countdown of the 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005 with the number 2 on their list sentensed to:
Strapped to chair; eyes removed with melon baller. Nursed back to health. Lips sewn to a rubber hose connecting him to a 500 gallon nutrition shake. Nursed back to health. Fingers, hands, toes, feet, nose and genitals devoured by hungry pigs. Nursed back to health. Legs and arms ground to stubs with belt sander. Nursed back to health. Fitted with earphones that play only Christina Aguilera songs, and left alone to think about what he has done.
Christina Aguilera? These people clearly have no mercy.

catholic scientology

Are the Roman Catholics taking advise from the Church of Scientology? Could be, since like the Scientologists they are now copywriting their pronouncements. Guess it's a shame that they didn't think of this sooner and copywrite the Bible. They would be getting cash from it, but nobody else would have heard of the thing and we would all still be happy pagans and, since the industrial revolution would have happened anyway, atheists.

Iranian Oil in Euro ... big deal or not?

The Iranian Oil Borse, this exchange could be the biggest thing to hit the world economy in a while. Or it could be nothing. Oil has already been traded in Euro, Saddam demanded to be paid that way in 2000. But his exports where limited as they all had to pass through, the deeply corrupt, the Oil For Food programme. This time the only limits are the limits of the Iranian oil wells.First a couple of articles on why it matters a lot, the first from Energy Bulletin detailing how this could upset the US economy by economist Krassimir Petrov, the second is by Soj at The Daily Kos on evidence that the US government knows that this could upset the US economy and has already begun to put in place efforts to disguise the effects from the markets and so slow them in there corrections. It should be noted that Soj (fairly obviously since he is writing at The Daily Kos) and Petrov do seem to have an anti-Bush slant from what I have read so far. There is a more hopeful article at Energy Bulletin as well by James D. Hamilton saying that it might be nothing and critiques Krassimir Petrov.


Looks like James D. Hamilton is an economist as well, Professor of Economics at University of California, San Diego. Which goes to show the truth in the saying, "if you line up all the economists in the world end to end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion".

January 22, 2006

China to build world's first fusion reactor

This story comes from People's Daily, that is the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda rag, but it still could be interesting0. According to them China to build "artificial sun" experimental device. They claim that it is the first such machine, obviously wrong since people have been building fusion reactors since the 1950's, and Tokamak style devices since only a little later. Which they even admit later in the article
The new device will be an upgrade of China's first superconducting Tokamak device, dubbed HT-7, which was also built by the plasma physics institute, in partnership with Russia, in the early 1990s. HT-7 made China the fourth country in the world, after Russia, France and Japan, to have such a device.
Nor do they say anything about how close it will get to breakeven. They say it will generate "infinite, clean nuclear-fusion-based energy" with the world infinite meaning that the author is clearly clueless. Nothing in the universe is infinite. Even the universe itself is not infinite! There may be enough deuterium in the earths oceans to provide current power needs for longer you can reasonably expect the human race to last but it is still not infinite. Hence I am going to take the generate energy bit with a pinch of salt as well since nobody has ever been able to get more energy out, in any form, of a fusion reactor than they put in. The closest was JET and that can only manage to just about break even. And we are talking total energy output here, not usable energy that can be harnessed. The main thing about this reactor is really how cheap it is, Iter is going to cost about £6billion this thing is a mere £21million almost three hundred times cheaper.

In Google vs Government

More on In Google vs Government.
It’s interesting to see how many news sources mistakenly report that the current government vs Google case is about child porn. It’s not. If anything, it’s about children looking at pornography

January 21, 2006

Red tape

"Europe's most successful companies are turning their backs on EU markets because of red tape, a high-level report said yesterday."
It then went on to confirm that things fall when you drop them, the sky looks blue, and water is wet.

Iran to trade in Euro

United Press International is reporting that Iran intends to open a bourse for trading in oil, it's own oil principally but companies from other countries are said to be looking at it as well. All well and good, but it plans to trade in Euro. This could have a major effect on the economy.

With oil being traded in Euro as well there will be less need for Dollars to buy oil and more for Euro, so unless China increases it's appetite for US debt (and there is a limit to how much it will buy) the laws of supply and demand will mean that the value of the Dollar will fall and the Euro rise. Good bye Germany's export driven recovery.

Self healing material

Self healing material

Algorithm detects Canadian politicians' spin

Algorithm detects Canadian politicians' spin based on
a psychological model constructed by James Pennebaker at the University of Texas, Austin, US. While studying the lying and truth-telling of hundreds of test subjects, he uncovered patterns linked to deception, such as the decreased use of personal pronouns – such as I, we, me, us – and exception words, such as “however” and “unless".
the results where Martin received a ranking of 124, while Harper and Layton scored 73 and 88, respectively.

Used against Tony Blair I wonder if it would be able to handle numbers big enough?

In Defence of Wanking

masturbation, don't knock it it is sex with someone you truly love.


Acknowledging the best Acknowledgements page ... ever.


Wiretapping, it was New Labour's first major reversal of the burden of proof, all the way back in 2000 with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. But as Robert X. Cringely points out wiretapping has a very long history. Big government always wants an eye on it's citizens. It is just that the tyrant Blair loves to play the voyeur on other people conversations more than others before him, but unlike Bush across the pond can do so legally with great ease. Basically whomever he finds interesting, and all their friends, are likely to get tapped. This is after all the government that has constructed a database of the DNA of 24,000 juveniles who have never been cautioned, charged or convicted of an offence. If they are not tapped already. He even wants to remove the privilege that MP's where supposed to have of not getting their phones tapped, a privilege honoured more in the breach than the execution according to Stephen Pollard.

But surely if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear? The cry will go, an argument neatly skewered by Dr richard North at EU Referendum. And that is in what is despite New Labour's best efforts still a fairly liberal country. It holds even less weight when applied to a totalitarian dictatorship like China where you can be arrested and imprisoned for sending an email and Yahoo, the email provider, will be only to happy to shop you to the police. Google is under pressure to do the same, to release it's search records to the police to go fishing in from anything interesting. At the moment they are standing by their commitment to not be Evil. But that is unlikely to last forever.

Stephen Pollard on the Political Compass

Stephen Pollard takes the Political Compass test, and comes out a Capitalist.
Social Liberal
(61% permissive)

and an...
Economic Conservative
(81% permissive)
My own result was raving loony minarchist Libertarian, which also pretty much nails me.

January 20, 2006

I'm a Bloody Devil

Bloody Devil AwardI have been awarded the Bloody Devil by The Devil's Kitchen. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [sniff] I'm sorry. This moment is so much bigger than me. This moment is for Google, and Blogger, and Firefox. It's for the writers of AL Guardian for being so extraordinarily and unremittingly bad. And it's for every nameless, faceless blogger that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened. Thank you. I'm so honored. I'm so honored. And I thank the Kitchen for choosing me to be the vessel for which His blessing might flow. Thank you.

Well did you think I was going to let such a perfect opportunity to take the piss out of Halle Berry slip by did you?

stupidity of religion

A very good site on the stupidity of religion from Brighton Regency Loony. Yes that is what he has changed the site name to. I won't give Mr Harding much credit, at all, ever, about anything, but at least he's got a sense of humour.

just remember God Hates Shrimp

Wake up Polly

Polly is still trapped in the 1970's. She just doesn't get it. Wake up Polly! The political landscape is changing dramatically. Her article is on the Lib-Dems, and their trying to fine a leader to replace Charles Kennedy. They need a leader for the twenty-first century but she is still obsessing about the political battles of the twentieth.

Splitting the left, eh? But wait a moment; that is exactly where we still are: Labour 36%, Lib Dems 22% at the last election.
New Labour is a broad alliance of authoritarians, and the Lib-Dems a broad alliance of liberals. It would be more accurate to say that it is the Conservative that are the splitters, containing as they do both liberals and authoritarians as a broad alliance on the economic right.

The angry Labour MP John Spellar, who most loudly denounced SDP splitters at this meeting, also, like many of his party, just as ferociously denounced any attempt to reunite the left now. He would permit no plurality, refusing to consider introducing PR or any accommodation with the Lib Dems. "Who says the Lib Dems are of the left?" Spellar demanded. In many councils - indeed in my own Lambeth - Lib Dems now hold power with Tories to keep Labour out.
The Lib-Dems are not principly of the old 'left' they are liberals. Perhaps someone should point this out to him. The name offers a bit of a clue. The liberal Lib-Dems have joined up with liberal leaning Tories to keep out the authoritarian New Labour Party. That New Labour is authoritarian can be seen by the fact that John Spellar "would permit no plurality", you can have any view you like. So long as it is New Labour approved.

It may maximise their vote to dance about saying "neither right nor left", but what is the point of merely existing in nothingness?
Polly shows here that she too shows that she just doesn't get it. They are neither right nor left, they are liberal. The old left/right divide is no longer particually relivant since the collapse of communism showed that big S Socialism doesn't work. This turned large chunks of the old left/right divide uninhabitable by anyone that actually looks at evidence to make their judgements. The important distinction is not left or right it is authoritarian or liberal. The Lib-Dems are liberal, New Labour is authoriatrian and the Tories are dancing around saying neither liberal nor authoritarian.

Already the Lib Dems alone own civil liberties, and they are the pluralists who would rebuild council and Commons chambers in horseshoe shape under proportional representation
They own civil liberties be cause they are LIBERAL, somebody please clue the bitch in. IT IS IN THE NAME POLLY.

why bother to propose creating a host of health-insurance providers competing for the custom of NHS patients?
Because it works? France for example has the best health care system in the world. It is a social insurance system which poeple top up with their own insurance and then simply buy the services they need from private providers. Competition works, the market is the best way of distributing scarce resources we know. Big centralised state provision doesn't, as has been obvious since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There is no future in this middling stuff in the present landscape. But a sharp prod from the left could force the old Labour tribe to abandon its insistence on total power, total control, obliging it to open and share with others.
No future Polly? This is the future! The left/right battles over economics are over. The right won. The future is the 'middling stuff' of the fight for liberty against the authoritarians, who at least she is willing to admit exist within the Labour Party and want 'total power, total control'. Over everything.

January 19, 2006

we're winning

It would appear that Islamofascism is being hurt, the prime proponent al-Qaida has said it is willing to agree a long-term truce (that is a truce until they break it) with the Great Satan in Iraq and Afganistan. If true this is a rather dramatic development, since any truce would mean leaving US and other infidel troops in both places and it was the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia following the first Gulf War that was the reason for bin Ladens hatred of the US. So his alleged willingness for there remaining in Muslim lands marks a major climbdown.

NHS still in crisis

There is currently an unprecedented amount of money being pumped into the NHS, New Labour proudly boasts that it has given the NHS the biggest sustained increase in funding since it was founded. Why is it then that it still does not have enough money at the front line? Why with all this cash is there a cash crisis?
Two-thirds of acute trusts had had to close wards, the survey of 117 acute, primary care and mental health trusts in the Health Service Journal said.

The government predicts a £620m deficit in the NHS for the 2005-6 financial year, and the Royal College of Nursing says 400 nursing posts could be lost.
The NHS managers faced with the problems of running the thing know the reason for this,
Seven out of 10 said the NHS would not be facing such problems if it were not for "inflexible government targets".

And 99% said NHS reforms and changes to consultants' and GPs' contracts had had a big impact as they had not been costed effectively.
knock me down with a feather. Micromanagement from Whitehall is crap and the government did properly cost a contract. Now that has never happened before. Not.

EU Tax

Austria is encouraging the EU to raise funding via a direct EU tax, rather than the current more indirect methods of creaming a slice off of VAT reciepts and the money from import tarrifs (which kind of shows why the EU as a whole seems so protectionist against the outside world, if it where more free market then the EU Eurocrats would get less cash to waste).

The areas that are proposed for this tax are short-term financial transactions or international aviation. Nicely invisible to normal voters, except when they try to get a cheap flight and can't (assuming that the Delayed Boarding regulations hasn't killed off all no frills airlines already), or see the value they get from banking suddenly drop.

What do they have against aviation? There where the Delayed Boarding regulations that mean a no frills airline could end up paying a delayed passenger several hundred pounds when there ticket only cost a few tens of pounds (or less). The Gallileo stealth tax, forcing airlines to use the commercial Gallileo signal for navigation. Even though by the time the Gallileo constelation is all up (having cost far more to get there than was first thought) the free US GPS signal will be just as accurate. And now perhaps a direct tax on aviation. Don't they understand that cheap airfares have done more to unite the peoples of Europe and let them explore the glorious diversity of this continent than the EU ever has. Or perhaps they do, and don't like being reminded so want to kill off this irritation that you can acheive the purported goals of the EU with simple free markets better than regulation and centralised planning. Or perhaps they are just money grubbing incompetents. Yes that sounds more like it.

January 18, 2006

identities stolen from databases

Last time it was Job Centre workers that had their identities stolen from a database for use in theft and fraud. This time it is rail workers
Losses already identified exceed £15 million, but that figure is expected to get much higher
Yet New Labour still wants everybody in the country to have their details stored in a single giant database. And they think this will help to reduce fraud.

January 17, 2006

Abolish the Welfare State and restore some Respect

Samizdata has a long and thoughtful post on the dangers of the Welfare State. The supposed collapse of civil society that are politicians are currently in such a state about was predicted long ago as a consequence of the Welfare State:
during the nineteen fifties, I recall, there was a debate, at any rate in Britain, engaged in by diehard free-marketeers, about the long term consequences of the Welfare State. The name of Anthony LeJeune springs to mind, but most of his recent writing nowadays seems to have been reviews of crime stories. Anyway, these diehard free-marketeers said that the Welfare State would corrupt the working class and turn then from the upstanding citizens that they then mostly were into barbarians. Diehard non-free-marketeers genuinely could not imagine this happening, and dismissed such fears as absurd. Most politicians, similarly unable to imagine that times might seriously change, concurred with the diehard non-free-marketeers.
While the problems have been hyped way beyond what is actually happening for the political purpose of furthering the New Labour's authoritarian instincts there is a problem out there. There has been a degradation in the levels of self reliance and social cohesion. There is simply nolonger a need for such things when all that is needed is to not be self reliant and the State will provide with other peoples money. Society does exist but it is not the same thing as the state. Unfortunately for many of the people that cause the probems that King Tony has grouped under his respect agenda society does not matter. It can deny them nothing since all they need is provided by the State. As Mr Micklethwait says:
for a substantial minority, mostly the minority whose lives are dominated by the Welfare State, there is now no such thing as polite society to be shunned by. The remnants of such a society may still exist, but it no longer has power over the barbarians who prey upon it.

What Tony Blair is trying to do is to recreate a "modern" substitute for such informal social pressures with the force of the law and with the power of the state.
This reminds me of what Bertrand Russell said about the difference between civilisation and barbarians.
The civilized man is distinguished from the savage mainly by prudence, or, to use a slightly wider term, forethought. He is willing to endure present pains for the sake of future pleasures, even if the future pleasures are rather distant. This habit began to be important with the rise of agriculture; no animal and no savage would work in spring in order to have food next winter, except for a few purely instinctive forms of action, such as bees making honey or squirrels burying nuts.

[History of Western Philosophy page 35 - The Rise of Greek Civilization, emphasis in the original]
The Welfare State has turned prudence from a virtue to a sin, rewarding the imprudent with the wealth of the people willing to work for their own futures. So it is no wonder that the savages are thriving at the expense of the civilised.


Here is another post on prostitution and the stupidity of the current proposal by New Labour to clamp down on it. He agrees that
The issues with prostitution as I see them are ones far more readily tackled with a professionalisation of the oldest profession.
Then taking on some of the myths of the trade
the issue I've seen prostitutes face isn't poverty, in fact, the opposite. I know guys who want out of the game but just couldn't face the transition from £80-£120ph to £8-£12ph which is the likely outcome of any move to legal work.
Read it all, it really is worth it.

Great Britain, not little England: Why Preferential systems beat run-off ballots

Ever wanted to know exactly how the crook wound up as French President? Great Britain, not little England explains. The socialists fragmented, including several Trotskyist parties, while the conservatives had less fragmentation. Mainly a choice of bad (Chirac) or worse (Le Pen). But still with his recalculated numbers reconstructing alliances of parties that are broadly around Chirac or Jospin as if they had not splintered so much Le Pen does very well, far far better than any Far Right party would do in Britain:
Final tally, Le Pen 19.20% Chirac 36.05%, Jospin 42.01%

ID Cards defeat

ID cards have been knocked back by the Lords, yay for the unelected toffs and cronies. New Labour considers their recomendations so draconian and unworkable, demanding that we be told how much this thing will cost for example, that they will be removed as soon as the Bill reaches the commons again. And there is still another days debate in the Lords, they might even go as far as to make ID Cards voluntary, something which New Labour will never be able to stand. Even Cameron is against ID Cards
Conservative leader David Cameron vowed on Sunday to oppose the ID card plans, calling them "un-British".

"I don't like the idea that you have to have this bit of paper just for existing," he told BBC's Sunday AM.
which shows which way the momentum of the issue is going.

January 16, 2006

Gay horse case dropped

In imfamous case of a student being arrested for calling a horse gay has been dropped. He refused to pay the fine and told them to take him to court, at which point they dropped the case for being utterly ridiculous.

Zombie law

A crap EU law has risen from the grave. The EU Commission wants software patents. Again. On the same day that Sir Robin Jacob, a judge at the U.K.'s Court of Appeal who specializes in intellectual-property law, questioned whether software patents are needed at all.
Many claimed that this directive could lead to the widespread patenting of software, as is the case in the U.S.

"The United States takes the view that anything made by man, under the sun, can be patented. And they have granted patents for business methods, mainly computer business methods. But as far as I can see, it would cover a new and improved method of stacking oranges on a barrel," Jacob said.

Jacob said that IP rights are often justified on the "pragmatic grounds" that they encourage research and development, but that people have "got to look at all IP rights critically and say, 'Do we need them?'"
Compared to some of the US Patents an improved way of stacking oranges would seem the hight of sanity.

Software Patents where rejected by 648 votes to 14 last time by the democratic fig leaf that is the EU Parliament. But why let a little thing like democracy get in your way.

fun time

Sex Drive Daily has a little post about a toy that you can record messages onto from the loved one that you wished was there. But there is also a list of things that the author thinks that us men would probably want to hear:
“You’re right ALL the time!”
“Oh no, let ME pay.”
“You can come home as late as you want to.”
“Of course you aren’t getting fat.”
And the best one
“Oh I don’t care. It wasn’t your night. That happens from time to time.”

Jesus and Mo

A nice cartoon on about Jesus and Mo, and moral absolutes.

bugging MP's

Tony wants to bug MP's. Why exactly are they surprised? New Labour has repeatedly extended survence powers over everybody else, or did they think this was another case of one law for the rulers and another for the ruled. Perhaps is it just the stress of work overcoming Tony (after all doesn't he look tired?) and his parnoia has finally got the better of him, as Longrider says:
This has the delicious tang of paranoia about it. The paranoia of a fascist megalomaniac who is clinging to power despite everyone else just wishing he would do the decent thing and go - and go quickly.

EU police

The EU is getting a police force. Europol previously just system for sharing information and co-ordinating certain things at a EU level is being expanded to become a real operational police force that can conduct it's own investigations. The usual excuse of counter terrorism was used, which seems to come up whenever anything to do with law and order is proposed that no actual reason suitable for general consumption can be found.

taxed to the hilt

From the governments own statistics for Average total income and average income tax payable there are only two groups in the entire country that have incomes higher than the average level of debt of £27,700, an number which does not include mortgages, males in the South East at £28,900 and London at £33,100.
on average the country's 25 million households had total borrowings of seven times their quarterly disposable income. At the height of the 1980s boom, the figure was five times.
The entire economy is currently supported by consumer spending, the same spending that is racking up the debt. Manufacturing is actually in resession.

One reason for is that the Bank of England has reduced interest rates to an unprecedented level in an effort to keep the economy going, based on consumer debt.

The other is the massive chunk stolen by the government by their extortionate taxes. So much so that for the first time in a generation the amount stolen by the british government is larger than the amount stolen by Germany from her citizens (via Raw Carrot). It should come as no suprise that our growth rate has also slowed to a more continental pace.

January 12, 2006

knowing me knowing you ... in praise of anonymity

Security Guru Bruce Schneier has an article in Wired on anonymity, how useful it is, and how safe it is. The key point is that you cannot judge anyone with any accuracy based one their name alone, you must have some idea of their actions.
The problem isn't anonymity; it's accountability. If someone isn't accountable, then knowing his name doesn't help. If you have someone who is completely anonymous, yet just as completely accountable, then -- heck, just call him Fred.

History is filled with bandits and pirates who amass reputations without anyone knowing their real names.

EBay's feedback system doesn't work because there's a traceable identity behind that anonymous nickname. EBay's feedback system works because each anonymous nickname comes with a record of previous transactions attached, and if someone cheats someone else then everybody knows it.
Not only that there are very good reasons for not releasing your real name, The Religion of Peace for example blogs anonymously for the simple reason that to do otherwise would endanger their life. That does not stop you from being able to judge the trustworthiness of their output, however any critique must be delivered by email or in your own blog. Rather than the prefered Islamist way of pinned to the chest of your dead opponent with a dagger.

compare and contrast

Blood and Treasure does a nice compare and contrast between Tony's vision of Britain and that wonderland of liberty China. They are scarily similar, with one exception
namely in direction: China partially abolished some of its administrative punishment laws in 2005.

Canada's oil supply could top Saudi Arabia

Bad news for the Islamofascists.
Alberta's oilsands could become the single biggest contributor to the world's supply within 10 years, says a report released Wednesday by CIBC World Markets.

That would mean a global shift in oil dominance from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to Canada.
With it less important to maintain stability in the number one oil producer I suspect we be in for quite a bit more 'Regime Change'. Iran next I hope.


Remeber after 7/7 how quick many lefties was to say that a bunch of Islamic nutters, murdering innocents with a method that is only used outside of Sri Lanka by Islamists, in the name of Islam, was in fact nothing to do with the Religion of Peace? That they where in fact oppressed and driven to it due to their poverty and lack of prospects? Well Blognor Regis found out a few days ago that the lead Islamic nutcase left an estate worth £121,000 net even though he was just 22 when he met Allah on the tube. Doesn't exactly sound poverty striken to me.

January 11, 2006

Tin Foil Pants

Forget the Tin Foil Hat the must have fashion accessory for for this season is a pair of Tin Foil Pants to stop the underpaid security guards at Paddington Station from seeing absolutely everything with their see through your clothes scanner. It takes 80 seconds minimum per scan, and something makes me think that it will probably be the more attractive people that take longer. Interestingly SpyBlog points out
That is irrelevant if the "randomly selected" passengers are Children. The operators will be guilty of "creating or distributing" Child Pornography, a term which includes synthetic digital images. If children are automatically excluded, then the whole system is useless against smugglers or terrorists.
Lock up the lot of them, and charge Alistair Darling as the ring leader. It doesn't matter that the images are destroyed after you leave the ooth, under New Labour there is no need for such trivial matters as evidence.

You gotta give me some RESPECT!

There is a lot going on about the liar and fascist Tony Blair's new 'respect' agenda. Talk Politics dissects his arguments in detail revealing them in all their fascist glory. Samizdata and Chicken Yoghurt seem to have got fascism fatigue from the never ending stream of bile flowing from New Labour. Samizdata simply managing to state the obvious that
Blair and New Labour take pride in smashing the checks and balances which protect civil liberties in this country.
The Twat as usual slavishly tries to defend his master, and is brought up short by the keyboard of Longrider and Devil's Kitchen. Backing Blair pulls up the fact the most obviously disrespectful person to us is tony Blair and New Labour. The Telegraph maybe has the answer to this:
As Christopher Howse notes, "respect" has a different meaning among Britain's urban youth to that intended by Tony Blair. The word refers to the hierarchy of riches and violence that raises such terrible role models for the young; it is the code by which the weak must make way for the strong and ill-gotten wealth is preferred to honest graft.

In short, "respect" means the opposite of "respectability".
This version of respect fits rather nicely with the legalised gangsterism that Blair is promoting with his Respect agenda where anybody can be fined punished for potentially no reason at all, or have their money stolen if an agent of the state considers that they have more than he considers justified.

Backing Blair has a petition to try and get some real respect from New Labour.

Send them to the camps!

New Labour's lastest plan in it's continuing war on Civil Liberties comes strait out of Escape from New York. It is that anyone that annoys the local gossips can be forced from their homes and sent to special 'sin bins' doughtless for a bit of re-education to cure them of their naughty ways.
It would empower the authorities in England and Wales to seal a property for up to three months, and evicted families would be rehoused in special residential units.

Hazel Blears, the Home Office minister, confirmed the measures would apply to people with mortgages or who owned their homes outright, and would not be confined to council tenants.


He told a summit of social workers at No 10 that the Government's "respect action plan" would bypass cumbersome "judge and jury" court processes and introduce more summary justice.
Being a New Labour plan it will not be hampered but such anacronisms as judges, or juries, or the presumption of innocence. Annoy the Commisar and off to the camps! Cameron, not without his own authoriarian streak, has attacked Blairs plan
as a rehashed package of "short-term gimmicks" not long-term solutions. "Tony Blair's recycled crackdowns miss the point," he said. "The issue is too important to be dealt with by 'eye-catching initiatives' designed to get newspaper headlines."
We really must get New Labour out, and as soon as possible. This constant attack on the rule of law cannot go on. Cameron might have a nasty side as well but the electoral calculus will mean that he will need the Lib-Dems, who can keep him honest.

Naughty nanny

Tony Blair has admitted to smacking his eldest children. But he has not ever hit Leo.
The interviewer Kirsty Wark persisted: "What, you do smack the younger one?"

Mr Blair, taken by surprise, responded: "No-no, no-no. It was actually the other way round but ... I think, look, this smacking ... I mean, I agree with what you just said, I think everybody actually knows the difference between smacking a kid and abusing a child."
Which most people do and is actually the exact arguement used by the people against the ban. It is also exactly not the what that New Labour's law says.

If he did ever now smack his kids then he could get sent to jail for 5 years, and so isn't the kind of thing you admit to in a national newspaper. Had he done so, admitted it, and been sent to court perhaps it would be better that he said he where just trying to kill Leo rather than castise him, and so only get 19 months rather than 5 years.

January 09, 2006

The 6 Myths Of Creativity

An interesting article on The 6 Myths Of Creativity:
1. Creativity Comes From Creative Types
2. Money Is a Creativity Motivator
3. Time Pressure Fuels Creativity
4. Fear Forces Breakthroughs
5. Competition Beats Collaboration
6. A Streamlined Organization Is a Creative Organization

Not a Fair Cop

Village Hampden gets back from the hols to find that all crimes are arrestable.
it is entirely typical of the modern style of interfering government that their response to that anomaly was to make all offences arrestable. A better government would have asked why the non-arrestable offences were offences at all.
but arrestable offenses mean that the cops can get a DNA sample off you, to add to the growing mountain of DNA data
More than 3 million samples are in the DNA database
Should you later have the timidity to be found innocent (this time at least) the DNA will be kept on record, and now (via SpyBlog) as
changes in the law which allow for the retention of DNA tissue samples, anaysed DNA "fingerprints" profiles and conventional fingerprints, even from the
139,463 people who have a DNA profile on the national DNA database (NDNAD) who have not been charged or cautioned with an offence.

'Nudity invalidates marriage'

It looks like the Religion of Peace does have a sense of humour. One joker has issued a fatwa stating 'Nudity invalidates marriage', which reminds me of the safe sex scene in The Naked Gun.

January 08, 2006

Peotry Competition

An Englishman's Castle is having a poetry competition on the theme of David Cameron. Here is my respectful little entry:

Fucking Cameron
is an bloody authoritarian,
drop dead cunt-face twat.

refined for even more profanity.

Socially Liberal, Economically Conservative

Life and the World has some comment on my being Socially Liberal, Economically Conservative.
All sounds very common sense, salt-of-the-earth stuff, except that it's, well, a bit lazy isn't it? A bit passive. And eventually a bit la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you about things not going so well for others.
Wrong. Libertarianism isn't at all passive, it relies on people actively doing what they think is best. It is the state that we want passive, to stop meddling so that people can get on with actually sorting out problems. There is such a thing as society, and it is not the same thing as the State.

Want a pension? Go out and get one. Before Gordon Brown started raiding them Britain had the best funded private pension system in Europe. If the state was not raiding them we would still have a well funded private system. Far better funded than the increasingly irrelevant one (other than for MP's for which it is rather generous) provided by the state.

Want gay equality? Without the State taxation system explicitly biased towards hetrosexual marriage, and before this the States explicitly banning of being gay, this wouldn't be an issue. Even with gay marriage because it is a state institution, rather than a simple contract, the gay form is segregated from the non-gay form.

Want civil liberties? What civil liberties are are things where the State has traditionally kept it's nose out. It is let us not forget the state that is destroying them, not private individuals.

Want 'social justice' (whatever that is)? Perhaps you mean a safety net for hard times? Ever heard of the victorian Friendly Societies. A safety net as provided by the market, and rather better at avoiding the poverty trap than the current state system. Feel that wouldn't have enough money on it's own? Fine. I'm sure they would be open to donations, if you want to use your money to help the less fortunate then that is a noble choice. It's just taking other people's money to cleanse your conscience that Libertarians object to.

Government moots ID card links for new UK voter database

It has long been realised that New Labour's claims that it's ID Card would be voluntary where bunkum. Nobody is going to fork out what hard earned cash they have left after the government has extorted it's slice for something that let the government track there life in detail while actually giving them nothing. It's own bill said they would be compulsory by 2013, and that you would be forced from day one to buy one when you got a new Passport. So it should not really come as a surprise that
Town hall bureaucrats are to be given sweeping new powers to investigate homes for identity card evasion and to impose heavy fines on occupants found without one.
From the Telegraph article quoted on Samizdata who also have a post on the House of Lords debate on ID Cards, which has some of the most twisted logic I have seen in a while trying to support this thing
We have to ask what greater freedom is there than the freedom to place a vote for a political party in a ballot box upon the basis of a mandate and a manifesto. That is the crux of it: the people have supported this measure.
What? the stupid bint that said that, insulated from democracy herself, may not have realised that the great majority of people did not vote for ID cards. 78% of the population did not vote for ID Cards, and yet they are being pushed through. So according to her the greatest freedom is to do whatever your political masters tell you to.

the Register that has been following this issue for a while supplies all the details, and their article is summed up by Great Britain, Not Little England who says
So, we're to get a compulsory ID system, linked to a National Identity Register, upon which the Electoral Register will be cross referenced to?

Great. As one who signed up to the first Refuse pledge (Refuse 2 is currently still open to signatories until the end of today), they now want to deny all of us who do not wish to be registered and categorised the right to vote as well? Wonderful. If you're not in favour of ID cards, if they get them through, you won't be able to vote against them either.
I echo his plea that if any of you haven't signed one of the two refuse pledges or the related one to help us that have signed resist New Labour should you feel unable to yourself.

Via Tim Worstall's coments we get to Chris Lightfoot who has already spent a great many posts taking apart ID Cards from a technical standpoint.and again looks in detail to this proposal finding the hints of a silver lining:
So, the Secretary of State could under this Bill require that to register for an election a person must give his NIRN on the canvass form, by going through the pilot procedure and issuing an order to that effect. However, it would then fall to each Registration Officer to decide how to treat a person who is not on the NIR:
(5) In such circumstances as are prescribed, a registration officer may also dispense with a requirement to provide a personal identifier mentioned in subsection (2)(c) above in relation to any person.
(4B) A registration officer in England and Wales or Scotland may determine that a person is not entitled to be registered if any of the personal identifiers is not provided in connection with the application relating to that person.
i.e., he would, in the hypothetical situation, have a choice on how to treat an elector who has decided not to register on the NIR or who has been erased from it.
Not much of a silver lining but at least it holds out the prospect that this will not lead to mass disenfranchisement since it will be up to the individuals at local level. Well this is of course until the inevitable decree comes from whitehall to disenfranchise all the non-people without an ID Card.

January 06, 2006

Harry's Place: Slippery Sacranie

MCB boycotts Holocaust Memorial Day ... Again. There rason this year
The MCB's policy is not to take part in the UK's commemorations of the mass murder of Jews because it does not mention non-Jewish victims of genocide.
which is odd, personally whenever Holocaust is mentioned I always think about the Jews, but not only them the Roma, Slavs, Homosexuals (and we all know the MCB's attitude to gays), the mentally handicapped, and communists that where also killed in the death camps. Of course all but one of these groups where released by the allies after the war ended.

Warp factor ... Soon?

There is an article in the Scotsman on a potential faster than light system going around. The full text can be found here, and it does not seem to be as much garbage as you would initially think. The physicist that initially postulated the theory it is based on Burkhard Heim existed and wasn't the normal kind of crank you expect in these situation. Heim theory has been tested against current experimental results, and found accurate, and even this fairly radical application of the theory is going to be tested experimentally according to the record of the New Scientist article. If they do this is very good science, since it means that the theory can disproved experimentally. Something that more mainstream theories, such as M-Theory cannot. So we could soon know if this is whole lot of nothing, or the biggest thing since Relativity.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Lib Dems await Kennedy challenger

Charels Kennedy admits he had a drink problem. Which to be honest does not automatically mean that he is a bad leader for the Lib-Dems or would make a bad Primeminister. After all the best primeminister of last century, Churchhill, who drank like a fish, smoke like a chimney, and was on a 24/7 benzidrine buzz. But it does explain some of why the Lib-Dems where unable to make better use of the best political chance they have had in a very long time. And not making use of the gift that he had been given could be a reason for getting rid of him. Great Britian, Not Little England has a better analysis of it.

January 05, 2006

Create Your Own Dan Brown Novel

Create Your Own Dan Brown Novel, so now we know how he manages to turn out such unresearched crap every time.

Red or Blue

Morpheus leans forward, the old leather of a green arm chair creaks "This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in bed with Ian Duncan Smith and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the shit hole goes."

David Cameron looks back at him. "You know, I think I'll take both."

Policical correctness

Political correctness, now there is a phrase that can cause a storm. And it has with the publication of Anthony Browne's pamflet on it (download it here). With Labin Tall collecting together a group of links
Blog comment at the Ablution, Ninme, Tory Convert and Too Early To Tell with considered posts, Raw Carrot (a bit cross but mostly wants to run over George Monbiot), Tangled Web, Khan Sahib and Arthur's Seat (all more or less negative towards Yazz).
My personal view on PC is simple. It all comes down to choice. If you have a choice about something you can be critised for it. If you do not then you should not. I wouldn't censor anyone, but cross the line and the normal rules of debate are suspended. Ad Hominem attacks becomes fine. Cross the line and you should be savagely critised, viciously ridiculed, or ignored.

Gender, transgender, hetro/homo/bisexuality, inteligence, race, and genetic disorders (such as Crones Disease) these are all genetic, you cannot choose them or choose to change them, so you should never be critised purely for being any of these.

Religion and other ideologies, or simply acting stupidly when you have the intelegence to know better however are all fair game.

In my view it is unacceptable to critise someone for being Asian or of Asian decent, this is not something that they have any choice over. But it is perfectly acceptable to critise Islamic beliefs since they are a choice.

January 04, 2006

another self test thingy

I'm a sucker for these little political compass style self test thingies. The results are exactly what I would normally expect from this one, but their political diagram is more interesting than normal.
You are a

Social Liberal
(86% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(83% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

And just to show that the Texan steriotype is not completely accurate the test volunteered for you to put down one law that would lsat forever. This one caught my eye.
"I would dictate that you can marry whoever you want, I just don't want to have to watch you do it with them (unless you're both hot chicks)"
—AMR from Dallas, TX

European Demos

Sorry for harping on about this, but according to (the actually Europhilic) Europhobia there is no European Demos forming:
49 years after the creation of what is now the European Union, there is likewise precisely no indication of any dilution of national identity in any of the member states.
Not a surprise and something I have noted before. But it is a problem. For a Federal democratic EU to work there needs to be some demos so that the voters vote for the people best running the federal bits for the good of the whole federation. Not just what is good for there bit of it, or even worse because a particular candidate comes from there bit of it. And have no illusions, a nation state of some kind has always been the goal of the EU right back to when it was just a dream for Monnet and his fellow idealists.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron vows to defend 'free' NHS

I did not want ot get onto this bandwagon. I had wanted to put off judgement until he settled in. But then Cameron defend's the last bastion of communism. Cameron is a bloody idiot.

January 03, 2006

Samizdata quote of the day

A succinct little point from the Samizdata quote of the day
Last century over 170 million people were murdered by their own governments, and your government doesn't want you to have a gun. Doesn't that bother you just a little?
- Unknown

strange stuff

From The Times
Mr Blair is now proposing for the whole country the system that benefited his own children at a handful of selective London state schools: the minimum of local authority control and the maximum autonomy for head teachers. The Left is howling in protest: they much prefer a system that looks superficially fair, while being easily rigged by determined parents.
Such as themselves. Simple socialist greed. The socialist mindset being, get everybody else to pay so that they can benefit? Why not? They do sooooo much good to world dharma with their tofu knitting and meditation holidays on the Tibetian Plateau that they need some little benefits. When did the oiks last surport anything genuinely worthwhile, like Yogic Flying?

NHS Blog Doctor: I'm all right, Jack

The Liar, our dear Lord is of course worth so much more than any ordinary citizen. It is therefore only right and proper that without having to go on a waiting list, either the official one or the waiting list for the waiting list, he is given treatment which is then withdrawn from every other NHS patient. Dear Lord Tony must be given the treatment he needed strait away so as not to interfer with his ongoing war on Civil Liberties.

Torture & justifications - obfuscations & shades of grey

Great Britain, not little England has a post about torture. We both agree that it is simply wrong. But he has more truck with the argument that sometimes it can be useful, in extreme circumstances.
That is, and remains, my position. Torture is wrong, and has to be illegal. But sometimes, if you have the proverbial bomb scenario, you break the rules, and get the job done, by whatever means are necessary. After the fact, investigations are made and charges are put.
This is a compelling argument. But it relies on the fact that you know that they know something, so you are going to hurt them until they tell you what you want to hear. This is and always has been the basic excuse for torture, the only thing that has changed is what you want to hear. Today what the torturers want to hear is 'I planted a bomb', before that it was 'I helped your enemy', and before that it was 'I am a witch'. So you have to ask yourself do you really know that they know something? Perhaps they said so. But even if they did can you be sure enough to justify torture? Perhaps they where having a, rather tastless, joke. Perhaps they where simply mad? There are a lot more jokers and nutters out there than real terrorists.

January 02, 2006

life under New Labour

a review of life under the Liar. Imagine a friend of yours has the audacity to dislike the beloved Tony. Almost unimaginable I know, but what would happen? Perhaps he or she would even go so far as to wear a slogan t-shirt in parliament square. Since there is only one man still allowed to protest in Parliament Square, because a New Labour fuck up since he was the one they where after, this is a terrorist act.

So he or she gets carted off to mini-luv for some re-education, the Law Lords having informed New Labour that rendering people to even less pleasant people is illegal (why is it that the word rendering always makes me think of boiling stuff? Ah yes. Our allie, Uzbekistan).

She will then be held for 28 days without charge. Enough time for cuts and bruising to heal, if not broken bones like the 90 days New Labour had wanted. After which she will be put under indefinite house arrest after a 'trial' where she is not allowed to see the evidence or talk to the lawyer defending her. Or maybe given an ASBO against, say, breathing or whatever else the local gossips are making up about her. Before being thrown in jail for 5 years for breaking it. Being thoroughly modern New Labour system this will be all done without anything as anachronistic as a jury trial, because of the expense of possibly having to try her over again and again until the correct answer is reached. New Labour has far better uses for tax payers money.

One person alone could not possibly plan and carry out such an audacious terrorist act as wearing a t-shirt. So it is obvious that this must be part of a wider conspiracy. Reviewing the partially constructed network tracking all car movements, where she so evil as to get to the scene of her crime in a motor car. This will show up the fellow travelers associated with her cause, before they split off to different destinations. Obviously to form sleeper cells able to deploy t-shirts within 45 minutes.

As you would expect a search warrant will be taken out against such a dangerous and sophisticated t-shirt terrorist. this will allow the police to search where she lives, and anywhere that she is connected to. Such as where you live. Confiscating anything that they think is worth them taking and that you cannot produce the sales receipts for, to be later sold. This will also probably be a good time for the council to come around to photograph the inside of your home, and your views, so that they can find an excuse to increase your council tax still further. That is in addition to the normal yearly increase at above the rate of growth of the economy. This is so long as they don't decide to arrest you for some heinous crime, like say dropping litter, and send you off for some re-education as well.